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Ben Weston - Here's some extra funny facts about Costa Rica

  1. Prostitution is legal but possesion of pornography is illegal. They even have unions, membership cards, health benefits and police protetion.
  2. In most areas people cannot flush toilet paper because the pipes are old and only 1" wide, so toilet paper goes in the trash barket.
  3. Pedestrians have very few rights in Costa Rica. They joke that Ticos love to use their horns but hate to use their brakes! It'sso bad thet the Tico word for "speedbunmps" is "Son muertos", or "The dead people".
  4. When raising your glass or beer to say "cheers" to Ticos you are supposed to look them directly in the eye, or else you're cursed with seven years of a bad sex life. (apparently I haven't been making very good eye contact, then).
  5. Costa Ricans have no addresses and very few street singns. When mailing something or givin directions, they just point out proximity to nearby landmarks. So when I lived in San Pedro, a suburb of the main city, San Jose, my address was "50 meters South and 100 west of the church of San Pedro".
  6. Earthquakes are common in Costa Rica. They may get 2-40 per month depending on the movement of techtonic plates. Almost all of them are small, though they got 7.6 last time I was living there.
  7. Ticos put coffee in their babies bottles along with, and also give it to young children.
  8. The most popular national beer is Imperial. They drink it over ice with lime and salta, called a "michelada".
  9.  "Guaro" is the national liquor, sort of like a fire-water sugarcane tequila. There is no denying it's strong, but I find it kind of nasty.
  10. Fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Burguer King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken do home deliveries.
  11. The meter in a taxicab is known as the "Maria", wich is a loose reference to the Virgin Mary and her honesty and virtue.
  12. Cheap brand cigarettes are only about $1.65 per pack.
  13. You are not allowed to wear sungralsses or hats inside of the banks (due to so many robberies). 

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