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Touristik | For years, different eyewitness accounts of the appearance of supposed "goblins" have been appearing in rio Celeste. However, this is the first time that a witness provides convincing evidence of the existence of these "beings" that cryptozoology has designated as real and ignored for science.

Theo Schäfer sent us a photograph by email with the following text in English:

Hi Friends.

My name is Theo Schäfer from Wertheim am Main, Germany. I have read some differents news about elf in Rio Celeste, but my Spanish is so poor. I need to say this, because I had an opportunity to stay in Costa Rica sevent years ago, and my family and I, stood there. That chance, my daughter Mia took a picture while we were taking a break during the walk. The picture is beautiful, but when we came back to our house, we were checking the pictures out, and we found a weird and hideous figure in one of these photographs. We have shown this picture to differents friends and even a professor of the TU Dresden inspect it and said that the image was not tricked. Some people believe that we are trying to cheat them, but it is not our goal.

Finally, I send it to you so that you can check it out and look if this creature might be an elf.

Thank you so much for your time.

Please, if you publish the image, let me know.

Alles gute, auf wiedersehen

Theo Schäfer

What does the photograph show?

The image in question was taken in Rio Celeste, however, its author did not indicate the exact place where it was captured.

This shows a section of the river and the thickness of the forest. At first sight, nothing strange can be seen, but when the image is enlarged, it is possible to observe a humanoid-looking figure with really strange features.


Is it a goblin?

After enlarging the image it can be seen that this "being" or "creature" is dressed in scarlet-colored clothing, which, due to the low incidence of sunlight, is not possible to observe larger sizes. However, this one seems to be dressed in a cap or cap of the same color.

We consulted the argentine cryptozoologist Pablo Capanna about this photograph and said: "Look, the photograph is not very clear that we say, I have been analyzing it for days that you sent it to me and I have not been able to find anything that makes me think that it has been altered . I can see a human figure in the center of the photograph, which by all accounts, according to my calculations, must have a height of about 60 centimeters. I can see a kind of scarlet cap, with a really strange object in his hands. This phenomenon of elves and supernatural beings is something that has been recorded throughout the history of mankind. It is not the first time that someone will appear questioning the evidence. You just have to pay attention to the tests, because they are the only ones that allow us to know the truth. Opinions are just that, nothing but opinions. "


Do not you think that's true?

Download the photograph in high definition HERE





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